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Steady Case

High protection for your smartphone


Due to the 6-layer construction and high-quality materials, the case is extremely robust.

The nubby inner-structure absorbs shocks gently. The PC hard shell protects the case from the outside.

Extremely thin

smartphone case


Extremely thin smartphone case with integrated, innovative mounting system. The M4Steady Case got a thickness of only 3mm and a almost completely flat back.


Protection for the display


The M4Steady Case offers extra protection for the display with a surrounding TPU edge.

Due to the edge, the display is not touching the surface even if it falls down.

6-layer construction for optimum protection


The M4Steady Case with it's 6-layer construction (steel, TPU, polycarbonate) is tested and approved by the US Military Standard (DropTest MIL-STD 810G), (STD 810G - 516.6: 26 falls from 1.22 meters), (Test Report: SGS-R17-0691-EN00).



The M4Steady Case is available in different colors, in orange the sporty look, Slate Gray the simple look for everyday use or monochrome in black. All M4Steady Cases have optimized soft-touch surfaces.

M4s Case available for:

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