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Additional protection


The M4s XtremeCover can optionally be pulled over the M4s Case of the iPhone and like that it protects the iPhone additionally from dirt and moisture. It offers optimal, extra protection especially on longer trips, more extreme mountain bike and downhill runs, BMX stunts or road bike tours.

Display protection


The M4s XtremeCover is tailor-made for the M4s Case. It protects your smartphone against rain, dirt and dust. The display is completely covered while it still offers optimum ease of use.

Lightning Port protection


The Lightning Port is protected by a plug that can be opened and closed at any time, so it can still be used.

Camera protection


The camera of the smartphone is protected by the M4s XtremeCover. Despite the covered camera, it is still possible to take high-quality photos with your smartphone.

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M4s XtremeCover available for:

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