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Perfectly fitting CarMount for M4 Cases


The M4 CarMount is tailor-made for the M4S & M4Q Cases and is made of high quality materials such as aluminum and silicone.

The CarMount is easy to install in cars with horizontal ventilation slots.

Strong attraction

The high-quality neodymium magnets built into the M4 CarMount guarantee a strong attraction and a a strong hold through the central steel surface. The M4 Case can be easily attached and removed.

360 ° infinitely adjustable


The M4 Case can be easily attached by the magnetic attraction center on the CarMount and it can be continuously rotated around 360 °.

Stand Feature


The CarMount can also be used as a stand. The angle of the smartphone can be adjusted by positioning the CarMount differently on the stainless steel plate of the M4 Case.

Order now!

M4s CarMount available here:

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